Amen Bhutan Tours and Treks is a company based in Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital city, whose primary goal is to ensure that the Himalayan Kingdom’s standing as one of the world’s most preferred holiday destinations remains untainted. In this quest, Amen Tours is committed to providing our valued guests an uncompromising service, as they discover Bhutan and the astonishing elements that make the Himalayan Kingdom a Gem in the world. Established in 2008, we have had the privilege to serve guests from all parts of the world, such as Europe, Asia, and beyond.

We believe that we are the unofficial ambassadors of our country, shouldering the responsibility of showcasing the country and its greatness, to people who come from all corners of the world. There is no excuse if we falter. Thus, we will offer nothing but the best and professionalism is at the core of our services.

Amen Bhutan has all varieties of packages. From those seeking respite from the commercial world, lovers of the wild, fervent bikers, and ardent artists to others, we have everything, for everyone. The choice is yours and if you want to customize your trip, we offer you this alternative, too.

We have a team, a family, comprising people with diverse skills, and carefully picked keeping in mind the needs of our valued guests. Our guides have their areas of specialization and can converse fluently in a range of languages, such as French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Thai, and Hindi, apart from English. All have undergone training conducted by the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB).

Aware that there is no compromise to traveling comfortably, we have a fleet of luxury cars and buses at our disposal. Our drivers are professionals with several years of experience. We are also well equipped with all the gear that a company requires, such as trekking equipment, bikes, and others.

A trip to Bhutan is described by many as a journey of a lifetime. A blend of the medieval and modern, the Himalayan Kingdom is unrivaled in its wealth of nature, culture, mystics, and extraordinaire. It is a dream country, one that you cannot afford to miss. And with Amen Bhutan, you can make a perfect sojourn, get the Bhutanese experience, and unravel the mysteries of the Land of Happiness.

Associated with Bhutan’s tourism industry for the last eight years, Ranjit Tamang’s relationship with Tourism began when he joined the then-Bhutanese infant Tourism industry as a guide. His bond with the industry grew over the years, and today he owns Amen Bhutan Tours and Treks, a promising company that, over the years has substantially grown. Mr. Tamang is proficient with the Bhutanese tourism industry.


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