Mr. Ranjit Tamang - Founder

Ranjit Tamang

Mr. Ranjit Tamang is Founder and Chairman of Amen Bhutan Tours and Treks. He is associated with many others companies. Born and brought up in a remote area of an inaccessible village of Tsirang district in Bhutan. He Himself being passionate about travelling and adventures.  He also enjoys social welfare activities keeping keen interests on country's politics and developmental activities. He had more than 10 years tourism experience, has been able to provide a- crystal- clear service to the Guests. Keeping the motto of social transformation through social work, he has dedicated his efforts into catering excellent service insuring the client’s satisfaction through his company.

Travelling is his passion and he has been to many countries across the world – USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Holland, Germany, Austria and many parts of Asia. His journeys to different parts of the world have enriched his travel experience and knowledge. This knowledge and experience has been instrumental in planning and organizing successful trips for several clients. 

The founding of Amen Bhutan Tours is a milestone in his career. With the establishment of this company, he hopes to provide an enriching and bespoke travel experience to all types of travellers from all over the world. He believes that traveling not only takes you to different destinations, it also broadens your outlook and makes you a knowledgeable, compassionate and better person.