Mr. Ventura

United States of America (the), California

One of the Best Personal Tour I have ever experienced. My son and I traveled to Bhutan in late October 2022. Upon our arrival in Paro, Bhutan, after traveling all the way from California (and 8 hour layer over in Kathmandu, Nepal) we were met by our tour guide Bijay and driver Chimi. Immediately upon arrival at the airport they gave us a ceremonial Bhutan scarf and warm greeting. They proceeded to see immediately immerse us in their culture, with several stops at Bhutanese fortresses and temples.

On our several day tour, they both accompanied us up the trek to the Tiger's Nest Monastery, with a pace we were comfortable with. They showed us the best local spots, opposed to just the usual tourists sites. They were open and willing to detour from planned schedule with stops. For example we stopped at roadside vendor with traditional cooked corn over open fire, viewed a Bhutanese Archer contest, hot stones bath, and farmer's market with local traditionally made handicrafts. and they arranged for us to try on native Bhutan clothing.

We witnessed an annual religious festival at the largest Buddha in the world, an unexpected visual and cultural experience. In the end, my son and I felt like a small family traveling with them. I would highly recommend, and thank them for showing us this beautiful country called Bhutan.