Ms. Akira Tanaka

Japan, Tokyo

The Druk Path Trekking provided me with a precious and unique chance to break away from the frantic pace of urban existence and submerge myself in the tranquil embrace of Bhutan's untouched wilderness. As I traversed the rugged terrain, surrounded by towering peaks and dense forests, I found solace in the crystalline waters of the lakes that mirrored the azure sky above. The fluttering prayer flags, imbued with centuries of spiritual significance, whispered tales of peace and serenity, enhancing the mystical ambiance of the landscape. In this ethereal setting, each step became a meditative journey, reconnecting me with nature's profound rhythms and rejuvenating my weary spirit. Indeed, the Druk Path Trekking unfolded as an enchanting odyssey, leaving an indelible mark of magic and tranquility upon my soul.