How to Travel Europe to Bhutan ?

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Europe to Bhutan tour 

Traveling from Europe to Bhutan involves several steps and may require multiple modes of transportation.

Bhutan is a relatively remote and isolated country in the Eastern Himalayas, and there are no direct flights from Europe to Bhutan.

Europe to Bhutan (Asian Country): it will be so easy to travel Bhutan. Bhutan is known as best richest in Culture. Every year more than 50 thousand traveler from Europe connect to Bhutan beautiful land. Here's a general overview of how you can get to Bhutan from Europe:

Fly to a Major Hub in Asia: Start by booking a flight from your European location to a major hub in Asia. Common transit cities for flights to Bhutan include Bangkok (Thailand), Delhi (India), Kathmandu (Nepal), and Kolkata (India). Your choice of transit city may depend on the airline you prefer and the availability of flights.

Transit in an Asian Hub: Once you arrive at your chosen Asian hub, you'll need to transfer to a flight to Paro International Airport (PBH) in Bhutan. Paro is the only international airport in Bhutan. Druk Air (Bhutan's national carrier) and Bhutan Airlines operate flights to Paro from select Asian cities.

Fly to Paro, Bhutan: Book a flight from the Asian hub to Paro International Airport. Be sure to check the flight schedules and availability in advance, as there are only a limited number of flights to Bhutan, and they can fill up quickly.

Obtain a Visa for Bhutan: Before traveling to Bhutan, you'll need to obtain a visa. Tourists can only visit Bhutan through authorized tour operators, and they will arrange your visa as part of a tour package. Make sure to plan your trip and obtain your visa in advance.

Join a Guided Tour: Bhutan requires tourists to be part of a guided tour, which includes a daily fee covering accommodation, meals, transportation, and a guide. Your tour operator will arrange everything for you during your stay in Bhutan.

Enjoy Your Visit: Once in Bhutan, you can explore the country's stunning landscapes, cultural heritage, and unique way of life. Be sure to visit attractions like the Paro Taktsang (Tiger's Nest Monastery), Thimphu (the capital city), Punakha Dzong, and many more.

Exit Bhutan: When your Bhutan tour comes to an end, you will fly out of Paro International Airport back to your home country via your transit city in Asia.

Keep in mind that Bhutan has strict regulations for tourism, and it's essential to plan your trip well in advance, use authorized tour operators, and be prepared for the unique cultural and environmental experiences that Bhutan offers. Additionally, flight schedules to Bhutan can be limited, so it's a good idea to book your flights early, especially during peak travel seasons.

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