Why should Tourist visit Bhutan?

Bhutan is a top level Beautiful Country. Bhutan cannot be described without its beauties such as monument, Greenery, trekking trails & more optional extra activities. It has its own system in each and every sector of economical ways. Bhutan is filled with grand examples of its extraordinary beliefs and traditional heritage. It is the only country that measures Gross National Happiness (and ranks high). Encounter the deep blue sky and the mesmerizing mountains with an open heart here. Breathe, take it in. Be it the picturesque Dochu La or Chele La or the major towns – Thimphu, Paro or Punakha, the views are consistently gorgeous as far as your eyes can reach. if you have question about why I/we should visit Bhutan. You can get thousand of answers.

People in Bhutan love their religious beliefs. It has magnificent ways of thinker and spiritual centers, typically featuring dzong-style architecture. they have  much more hidden story in each monastery. Bhutan is a complete packages of your leisure period. This gives Bhutan a different look and feel altogether, a visual and spiritual feast for all visitors. The major 05 attractions in Bhutan is mentioned below:  

  1. Taktsang Goemba (Tiger’s Nest Monastery):

Taktsang is one of the most important Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan. It is located on a vertical cliff 3000m north of capital city paro. It is best monument in Bhutan. Why should you visit? This is one the major reason. Taktsang Monastry also known as Tigers Nest. Which is there is a mystery why it is called as Tiger nest. The reason is There is a legend that Guru Rinpoche was carried from Tibet to this location on the back of a tigress, thus giving it the name “Tiger's Nest.”.

2. Tsechus (Festivals):  

Bhutan is rich in their Festivals. Amen Bhutan Tours and Treks offer their clients for Festivals date as well. festivals in Bhutan is a joy. Everyone should visit and see how it is.  It is conducted in all the dzongs and major monasteries. Tshechus are social gatherings where people from near and far gather to witness mask dances and cultural items.

3. Dzong (Bhutanese Fort):

Bhutanese Fort is a unique part in Bhutan. Dzongs were ancient forts that are used today as the administrative centers. Dzongs follow typical Bhutanese architecture with a wide base and tapering top. Each and every dzongs have their own color own style and own spirit. This is the reason why peoples should visit Bhutan.

4.   Gross National Happiness:

The top happiest country in world is nearly we can say Bhutan. Gross National Happiness is Bhutan’s development philosophy based on Buddhist values that measures the quality of life based on the spiritual and mental well-being of its people. The process of measuring GNH began when Bhutan opened up to globalization.

5. Museums & Monuments:

The Museum plays the head role of a preserver and promoter of Bhutanese culture and traditional values and complies along with the values of Gross National Happiness among which one of them is Preservation and Promotion of Culture. Museums and Monuments are the key for tourist as well.

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